Billy Joel and friends at Caribou Ranch.
Nederland is located just 15 miles west of Boulder. Nederland hosts two major events each year:  The "Nederland Music & Arts Festival" and the "Frozen Dead Guy Days"  celebrating the cryogenically frozen body of Bredo Morstoel. 

Bill Nershi The String Cheese Incident owns a home in Nederland.
Nederland, formerly known as "Middle Boulder" got its current name in 1874. Nederland is the Dutch name for Netherlands, and it was named by Dutch owners of a mining company in the area.  Nederland  became a properous mining supply depot and stage stop for precious metals which was responsible for the town's original boom. However, it was the discovery of tungsten (a material necessary to harden steel) that put Nederland on the map during World War I.After the demise of mining concerns, the town became a gateway to outdoor recreation in the nearby Indian Peaks.  Caribou, the old mining town above Nederland, is where a New York and Los Angeles music producer named James Guercio staked a claim.  Guercio opened the legendary Caribou Ranch Recording Studio in 1973.  Nederland gained additional prominence and appeal by providing high profile musicians with insulation from the usual rock 'n roll circus.  The historic Pioneer Inn was a welcoming place for musicians and producers to hang out,  collaborate talents, have a "few" drinks and probably tell some "fish" stories.Stories abound from the studio's heyday when it was constantly booked with the biggest names in music:  Earth Wind & Fire, John LennonAmerica , David CassidyStevie WonderElton JohnDan FogelbergJoe Walsh, Stevie Nicks U2 and more.  Michael Jackson was there during the production of Thriller.The Caribou Ranch closed due to a fire in 1985, and Guercio shifted to pursuing his career in cattle ranching, property development and eventually formed the Country Music Television Channel (CMT).  
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